Fishes of the World

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Joseph S. Nelson
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Take your knowledge of fishes to the next level
Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition is the only modern, phylogenetically based classification of the world's fishes. The updated text offers new phylogenetic diagrams that clarify the relationships among fish groups, as well as cutting-edge global knowledge that brings this classic reference up to date. With this resource, you can classify orders, families, and genera of fishes, understand the connections among fish groups, organize fishes in their evolutionary context, and imagine new areas of research. To further assist your work, this text provides representative drawings, many of them new, for most families of fishes, allowing you to make visual connections to the information as you read. It also contains many references to the classical as well as the most up-to-date literature on fish relationships, based on both morphology and molecular biology.

The study of fishes is one that certainly requires dedication--and access to reliable, accurate information. With more than 30,000 known species of sharks, rays, and bony fishes, both lobe-finned and ray-finned, you will need to master your area of study with the assistance of the best reference materials available. This text will help you bring your knowledge of fishes to the next level.
* Explore the anatomical characteristics, distribution, common and scientific names, and phylogenetic relationships of fishes
* Access biological and anatomical information on more than 515 families of living fishes
* Better appreciate the complexities and controversies behind the modern view of fish relationships
* Refer to an extensive bibliography, which points you in the direction of additional, valuable, and up-to-date information, much of it published within the last few years
Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition is an invaluable resource for professional ichthyologists, aquatic ecologists, marine biologists, fish breeders, aquaculturists, and conservationists.




Subphylum Craniata

Superclass Myxinomorphi to Osteostracomorphi

Superclass Gnathostomata

Class Placodermi Class Chondrichthyes

Subclass Holocephali

Order Chimaeriformes

Subclass Elasmobranchii

Order Heterodontiformes

Order Orectolobiformes

Order Lamniformes

Order Carcharhiniformes

Order Hexanchiformes

Order Echinorhiniformes

Order Squaliformes

Order Squatiniformes

Order Pristiophoriformes

Order Torpediniformes

Order Pristiformes

Order Rajiformes

Order Myliobatiformes

Class Acanthodii

Class Actinopterygii

Subclass Cladistia

Order Polypteriformes

Subclass Chrondrostei

Order Acipenseriformes

Subclass Neopterygii

Order Lepisosteiformes

Order Amiiformes

Division Teleostei

Subdivision Osteoglossomorpha

Order Hiodontiformes

Order Osteoglossiformes

Subdivision Elopomorpha

Order Elopiformes

Order Albuliformes

Order Anguilliformes

Order Saccopharyngiformes

Subdivision Ostarioclupeomorpha (= Otocephala)

Superorder Clupeomorpha

Order Clupeiformes

Superorder Ostariophysi

Order Gonorynchiformes

Order Cypriniformes

Order Characiformes

Order Siluriformes

Order Gymnotiformes

Subdivision Euteleostei

Superorder Protacanthopterygii

Order Argentiniformes

Order Osmeriformes

Order Salmoniformes

Order Esociformes

Superorder Stenopterygii

Order Stomiiformes

Superoder Ateleopodomorpha

Order Ateleopodiformes

Superorder Cyclosquamata

Order Aulopiformes

Supeorder Scopelomorpha

Order Myctophiformes

Superorder Lampriomorpha

Order Lampriformes

Superorder Polymixiomorpha

Order Polymixiiformes

Superorder Paracanthopterygii

Order Percopsiformes

Order Gadiformes

Order Ophidiiformes

Order Batrachoidiformes

Order Lophiiformes

Superorder Acanthopterygii

Series Mugilomorpha

Order Mugiliformes

Series Atherinomorpha

Order Atheriniformes

Order Beloniformes

Order Cyprinodontiformes

Series Percomorpha

Order Stephanoberyciformes

Order Beryciformes

Order Zeiformes

Order Gasterosteiformes

Order Synbranchiformes

Order Scorpaeniformes

Order Perciformes

Order Pleuronectiformes

Order Tetraodontiformes

Class Sarcopterygii

Subclass Coelacanthimorpha

Order Coelacanthiformes

Subclass Dipnotetrapodomorpha

Order Ceratodontiformes

Unranked Tetrapodomorpha

Infraclass Tetrapoda



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