Writing Business Bids and Proposals For Dummies

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Neil Cobb
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Develop a winning business proposal
Plan and use a repeatable proposal process

Use tools and templates to accelerate your proposals

Get the intel on bids and proposals

Congratulations! You have in your hands the collected knowledge and skills of the professional proposal writer - without having to be one! Inside, you'll find out how to unlock what these professionals know and apply it to your own business to improve the way you capture new customers and communicate with existing ones!

* Develop a great proposal
* Focus on the customer
* Know your competition
* Plan your approach
* Use tools and templates
* Write persuasively
* Overcome misconceptions
* Expand your skills
* Avoid proposal killers
Introduction 1

Part 1: Understanding Proposal Development 7

CHAPTER 1: Introducing Bids and Proposals 9

CHAPTER 2: Understanding Different Types of Proposals 25

Part 2: Focusing on Your Customer 53

CHAPTER 3: Building Customer Relationships 55

CHAPTER 4: Giving Your Customers What They Ask For (And More) 77

CHAPTER 5: Sizing Up Your Competition 103

Part 3: Planning Your Approach 123

CHAPTER 6: Developing Your Proposal Process 125

CHAPTER 7: Setting Yourself Apart From Your Competitors 155

CHAPTER 8: Keeping Your Proposal on Track 169

Part 4: Creating Your Proposal 193

CHAPTER 9: Developing Your Proposal 195

CHAPTER 10: Applying the Principles of Good Writing: Structuring Your Argument 221

CHAPTER 11: Making Your Proposals Look Good 251

CHAPTER 12: Getting Your Proposal Out the Door 275

Part 5: Taking Your Proposal to the Next Level 297

CHAPTER 13: Using Tools and Templates to Accelerate Your Proposals 299

CHAPTER 14: Leading Proposal Teams Effectively 323

CHAPTER 15: Making Each Proposal Better than the Last 345

Part 6: The Part of Tens 363

CHAPTER 16: Ten Templates for Building Your Proposal 365

CHAPTER 17: Ten Common Misconceptions about Bids and Proposals 371

Appendix: Online Resources 379

Index 383

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