Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies

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Corey Sandler
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Get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK!
Have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, but don't know where to start? Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies is your go-to guide to get up and running with this great device in no time! From powering on your device to personalizing it, this easy-to-use resource provides everything you'll need to know to start using your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. You'll start with the basics, download and shop for e-books, browse the Web, watch video, listen to music, create your own e-books, and a whole lot more!

Combine the power a Samsung Android tablet with the Barnes and Noble NOOK apps, and you have access to everything you need! Find out how to adjust the lighting, change font sizes, and customize your device to be the perfect e-reader that fits all your needs.
* Get an overview of the Android tablet/e-book hybrid concept, along with a guide to everything your new device can do
* Find out how to power up your tablet, use the touchscreen technology, setup wireless access, update your software, download e-books, and more
* Watch video from Netflix and Hulu, listen to music, create photo slideshows, and browse the Web
* Personalize your NOOK with accessories and applications, share books with others, and interact with your device with the built-in microphone

For those who want to learn the ins and outs of their new multi-use tablet and e-reader, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies is the place to start!
Introduction 1

Part I: Meeting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK 7

Chapter 1: Another Galactic Leap for the NOOK 9

Chapter 2: Laying Hands on the Screen 29

Chapter 3: Typing by Tapping and Talking 49

Chapter 4: Getting Set to Go 61

Part II: Communicating Across the Galaxy 81

Chapter 5: Making Further Connections 83

Chapter 6: Putting Things in Contacts 101

Chapter 7: We've All Got Email 119

Chapter 8: Going Out on the World Wide Web 133

Part III: Reading Electronics 155

Chapter 9: Buying and Reading NOOK Books 157

Chapter 10: Finding Other eBook Sources 203

Part IV: Getting Creative with Camera, Video, and Music 213

Chapter 11: Snapping Pictures 215

Chapter 12: Getting into the Gallery 235

Chapter 13: Singing, Dancing, and Noisemaking 247

Part V: The Part of Tens 263

Chapter 14: Ten Worthy Apps 265

Chapter 15: Ten Galaxy Tips and Tricks 281

Index 295

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