Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies

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Stephanie Diamond
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Stop typing and get more done with Dragon Professional Individual voice recognition software
Tired of typing, but afraid to take the leap into voice recognition software? No problem! Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies, 5th Edition gives you a great overview of the industry-leading speech recognition software so you can start talking instead of typing in no time at all. With this easy-to-use guide, you'll quickly find out how to use Professional Individual to open documents, write emails and notes, update your Facebook status, and much more. The book includes everything you need to get started, from launching the software and basic dictating to controlling your desktop by voice, and tips for improving accuracy.

Available for both Windows and Mac, Dragon Professional Individual is the gold standard for home and professional voice recognition software. Easy to use and much more efficient than typing, the software can take your productivity to the next level.
* Get an introduction to everything you'll need to know to get started with Dragon Professional Individual voice recognition software
* Find out how to access documents, write emails, and even update your Facebook status with nothing more than your voice
* Includes the most updated information on the latest version of the software
* Offers information for programmers and developers who want to use the software for mobile app development

Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies, 5th Edition is your go-to resource to get up and running with this great voice recognition software in no time.
Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Dragon Professional Individual 5

Chapter 1: Knowing What to Expect7

Chapter 2: Installing Dragon and Starting Basic Training.19

Chapter 3: Launching and Controlling Dragon.33

Part II: Creating Documents and Spreadsheets 51

Chapter 4: Simply Dictating.53

Chapter 5: Selecting, Editing, and Correcting in DragonPad.73

Chapter 6: Basic Formatting in Text-Editing Applications87

Chapter 7: Proofreading and Listening to Your Text.97

Chapter 8: Dictating into Other Applications105

Chapter 9: Dipping into Word Processing.117

Chapter 10: Working with Excel133

Chapter 11: Using Recorded Speech141

Part III: Communicating Online. 157

Chapter 12: Sending and Receiving Email.159

Chapter 13: Working the Web.171

Chapter 14: Dictating the Mobile Way.181

Part IV: Working Smarter 199

Chapter 15: Controlling Your Desktop and Windows by Voice201

Chapter 16: Speaking More Clearly221

Chapter 17: Additional Training for Accuracy227

Chapter 18: Improving Audio Input247

Chapter 19: Having Multiple Computers or Users255

Chapter 20: Creating Your Own Commands.263

Chapter 21: Getting Help from Your Desktop and Online.277

Part V: The Part of Tens 295

Chapter 22: Ten Common Problems 297

Chapter 23: Ten Time- and Sanity-Saving Tips 305

Chapter 24: Ten Mistakes to Avoid 309

Chapter 25: Ten Stupid Dragon Tricks 313

Index 321

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