Slavery in Small Things

Slavery and Modern Cultural Habits
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James Walvin
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Slavery in Small Things: Slavery and Modern Cultural Habits isthe first book to explore the long-range cultural legacy of slavery through commonplace daily objects.
* Offers a new and original approach to the history of slavery by an acknowledged expert on the topic
* Traces the relationship between slavery and modern cultural habits through an analysis of commonplace objects that include sugar, tobacco, tea, maps, portraiture, print, and more
* Represents the only study that utilizes common objects to illustrate the cultural impact and legacy of the Atlantic slave trade
* Makes the topic of slavery accessible to a wider public audience
Acknowledgments vii

Introduction: Slavery in Western Life 1

1 A Sugar Bowl: Sugar and Slavery 11

2 Cowrie Shells: Slavery and Global Trade 37

3 Tobacco: The Slave Origins of a Global Epidemic 54

4 Mahogany: Fashion and Slavery 82

5 Stately Homes and Mansions: The Architecture of Slavery 104

6 Maps: Revealing Slavery 128

7 A Portrait: Pictures in Black and White 151

8 The Brooks: Slave Ships 173

9 A Book: Slavery and the World of Print 192

10 Chains: The Ironware of Slavery 218

11 Cotton: Slavery and Industrial Change 239

Conclusion 262

Index 265

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