Aerospace Navigation Systems

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Alexander V. Nebylov
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Compiled by leading authorities, Aerospace Navigation Systems is a compendium of chapters that present modern aircraft and spacecraft navigation methods based on up-to-date inertial, satellite, map matching and other guidance techniques. Ranging from the practical to the theoretical, this book covers navigational applications over a wide range of aerospace vehicles including aircraft, spacecraft and drones, both remotely controlled and operating as autonomous vehicles. It provides a comprehensive background of fundamental theory, the utilisation of newly-developed techniques, incorporates the most complex and advanced types of technical innovation currently available and presents a vision for future developments. Satellite Navigation Systems (SNS), long range navigation systems, short range navigation systems and navigational displays are introduced, and many other detailed topics include Radio Navigation Systems (RNS), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), Homing Systems, Map Matching and other correlated-extremalsystems, and both optimal and sub-optimal filtering in integrated navigation systems.
The Editors

Alexander V. Nebylov and Joseph Watson

1. Inertial Navigation Systems
M.S. Braash

2. Satellite Navigation Systems
W. Geri, B.V. Shebshaevich and M. Ganzi

3. Radio Systems for Long-Range Navigation
A. V. Balov, S. B. Boloshin, A. E. Choglokov and S. P. Zarubin

4. Radio Systems for Short-Range Navigation
J.P. Sims and J. Watson

5. Radio Technical Landing Systems
J.P. Sims

6. Correlated-extremal Systems and Sensors
E.A. Konovalov and S.P. Faleev

7. Homing Devices
G.V. Antsev and V.A. Sarychev

8. Optimal and sub-optimal filtrering in integrated navigation systems
O. A. Stepanov

9. Navigational Displays
R. T. Ogan

10. Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle (UAV) Navigation
Vladimir Y. Raspopov, Alexander V. Nebylov, Sukrit Sharan and Bijay Agarwal

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