A Collection of Surveys on Savings and Wealth Accumulation

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Edda Claus
Surveys of Recent Research in Economics
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In this collection of critical surveys the reader is provided with a range of up-to-date work from some of the leading scholars in the area, writing on private and public sector aspects of savings and wealth accumulation.
* A survey of savings and wealth accumulation which are important dimensions of research and policy debates
* Discusses the measurement of genuine savings and sustainability, the estimation of wealth inequality, and recent developments in consumer credit and defaults
* Evaluates the impact of student loans on financial well-being, people's retirement decisions, and the impact of pension reform
* Considers the distribution of wealth across generations and the importance of accurately measuring government debt, the rise of sovereign wealth funds and Islamic banking and finance
1. Savings and Wealth Accumulation: Measurement, Influences and Institutions 1
Edda Claus and Iris Claus

2. Recent Developments in Consumer Credit and Default Literature 9
Igor Livshits

3. Student Debt Effects on Financial Well-Being: Research and Policy Implications 33
William Elliott and Melinda Lewis

4. Islamic Banking and Finance: Recent Empirical Literature and Directions for Future Research 59
Pejman Abedifar, Shahid M. Ebrahim, Philip Molyneux and Amine Tarazi

5. Wealth Inequality: A Survey 93
Frank A. Cowell and Philippe Van Kerm

6. Defining the Government's Debt and Deficit 139
Timothy C. Irwin

7. Rise of the Fiduciary State: A Survey of Sovereign Wealth Fund Research 163
William L. Megginson and Veljko Fotak

8. Genuine Savings and Sustainability 213
Nick Hanley, Louis Dupuy and Eoin McLaughlin

9 Savings in Times of Demographic Change: Lessons from the German Experience 245
Axel Börsch-Supan, Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Michela Coppola and Bettina Lamla

10. Economic Determinants of Workers' Retirement Decisions 271
Courtney C. Coile

Index 297

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