Using Commercial Contracts

A Practical Guide for Engineers and Project Managers
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David Wright
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Using Commercial Contracts: a practical guide for engineers and project managers examines how the law of contract operates, and the way in which the legal system interprets what a contract actually means. By giving clear, readable and expert advice on key legal issues, this guide provides the manager and engineer with an easily understandable and practical approach to the laws of contract.
About the Author vii
Preface ix

Foreword xiii

Cases Referred to xv

Statutes Referred to xxvii

1 The Law in General 1

2 The Start - Using an Agent 11

3 The Organisation 29

4 Making the Contract Part 1 - The Requirements 37

5 Making the Contract Part 2 - Offer and Acceptance 55

6 Words in Contracts Part 1 - Words Used Pre-Contract 79

7 Words in Contracts Part 2 - Post-Contract 93

8 The Terms of the Contract 101

9 The Basic Framework - Contracts of Sale 117

10 Liability Exemption Clauses 145

11 Factors that May Invalidate a Contract 173

12 Illegal Contracts 189

13 Privity of Contract 205

14 Other Relationships 219

15 Preliminary Agreements and Letters of Intent 229

16 How the Contract Ends 239

17 Remedies for Breach of Contract and Defences to Claims 253

Index 279

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