Citizenship for the Learning Society

Europe, Subjectivity, and Educational Research
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Naomi Hodgson
Journal of Philosophy of Education
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Within Citizenship for the Learning Society, the governance of the learning citizen is mapped in relation to European educational and cultural policy. Prevalent notions of voice and narrative - in policy and in educational research - are analysed in relation to Europe's history.* The text is concerned with the way in which 'European citizenship' is understood in current policy, the way in which the term 'citizenship' operates, and how learning is central to this
* Analysis combines educational philosophy and theory with anthropological, sociological, and classic philosophical literature
* Draws on both Continental European (Foucault, Deleuze, Heidegger, Levinas) and American (Cavell, Emerson, Thoreau) philosophy
* Material is organised in two parts: Part One discusses the discourses and practices of citizenship in the European learning society, in both educational and cultural policy and educational research, from the perspective of governmentality; Part Two provides analysis of particular aspects of this discourse
Preface vi

Acknowledgements ix

1 Introduction 1

Part One 41

2 Constructing Europe: Citizenship, Learning, and Accountability 43

3 Environment, Heritage, and the Ecological Subject 69

4 The Subject and the Educational in Educational Research 88

Between Part One and Part Two 125

Part Two 135

5 1933, Or Rebirth 137

6 America, Or Leaving Home 167

7 Plato, Or Return to the Cave 188

8 Conclusion 206

References 215

Index 223

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