Evaluating Public and Community Health Programs

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Muriel J. Harris
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A practical introduction to participatory program evaluation
Evaluating Public and Community Health Programs provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of evaluation, with a participatory model that brings stakeholders together for the good of the program. Linking community assessment, program implementation, and program evaluation, this book emphasizes practical, ongoing evaluation strategies that connect theory with application. This updated second edition includes new discussion on planning policy change programs using logic models and theory of change, plus expanded coverage of processes, outcomes, data collection, and more. Each chapter includes classroom activities and group discussion prompts, and the companion website provides worksheets, lecture slides, and a test bank for instructors. Mini cases help illustrate the real-world applications of the methods described, and expanded case studies allow students to dig deeper into practice and apply what they've learned.

Accurate and effective evaluation is the key to a successful program. This book provides a thorough introduction to all aspects of this critical function, with a wealth of opportunities to apply new concepts.
* Learn evaluation strategies that involve all program stakeholders
* Link theory to practice with new mini cases and examples
* Understand the uses, processes, and approaches to evaluation
* Discover how ongoing evaluation increases program effectiveness

Public and community health programs are a vital part of our social infrastructure, and the more effective they are, the more people they can serve. Proper planning is important, but continued evaluation is what keeps a program on track for the long term. Evaluating Public and Community Health Programs provides clear instruction and insightful discussion on the many facets of evaluation, with a central focus on real-world service.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Public and Community Health Evaluation

Chapter 2: The Community Assessment--An Overview

Chapter 3: Developing Initiatives--An Overview

Chapter 4: Planning for Evaluation--Purpose and Processes

Chapter 5: Designing an Evaluation--Part 1: Describing the Program or Policy

Chapter 6: Designing the Evaluation--Part 2a: Process Evaluation

Chapter 7: Designing the Evaluation--Part 2b: Outcome Evaluation

Chapter 8: Collecting the Data--Quantitative

Chapter 9: Collecting the Data--Qualitative

Chapter 10: Analyzing and Interpreting Data--Quantitative (Part 1)

Chapter 11: Reporting Evaluation Findings

Chapter 12: Case Study--The Community Assessment

Chapter 13: Case Study--Process Evaluation

Chapter 13: Case Study--Process Evaluation

Appendix A: Model Agreement between Evaluation Consultant and Team Members

Appendix B: Preamble for Adult Individual Interviews

Appendix C: Model Demographic Sheet

Appendix D: Field Notes Report

Appendix E: Interview Refusal Report

Appendix F: Data Collection Training Manual

Appendix G: Guidelines for Completing an Evaluation Report



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