The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy

The Search for Socrates
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Kevin S. Decker
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Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series

Voyaging Defiantly through the Philosophical Galaxy
1. "The More Complex the Mind, the Greater the Need for the Simplicity of Play"
Jason T. Eberl
2. Aristotle and James T. Kirk: The Problem of Greatness
Jerold J. Abrams
3. The Moral Psychology of a Starship Captain
Tim Challans
4. "Make It So": Kant, Confucius, and the Prime Directive
Alejandro Bárcenas and Steve Bein
5. Destroying Utopias: Why Kirk is a Jerk
David Kyle Johnson
6. "We Are Not Going to Kill Today": Star Trek and the Philosophy of Peace
David Boersema
BETA QUADRANT: Dangerous Rivalries
7. Klingons: A Cultural Pastiche
Victor Grech
8. The Borg as Contagious Collectivist Techno-Totalitarian Transhumanists
Dan Dinello
9. Assimilation and Autonomy
Barbara Stock
10. Q: A Rude, Interfering, Inconsiderate, Sadistic Pest--on a Quest for Justice?
Kyle Alkema and Adam Barkman
11. Federation Trekonomics: Marx, the Federation, and the Shift from Necessity to Freedom
Jeff Ewing
12. "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few": Utilitarianism and Star Trek
Greg Littmann
13. Casuistry in the Final Frontier
Courtland Lewis
DELTA QUADRANT: Questing for Home
14. "Today Is a Good Day to Die!" Transporters and Human Extinction
William Jaworski
15. Two Kirks, Two Rikers
Trip McCrossin
16. Data, Kant, and Personhood; or, Why Data Is Not a Toaster
Nina Rosenstand
17. Humans, Androids, Cyborgs, and Virtual Beings: All Aboard the Enterprise
Dennis M. Weiss
18. Photons (and Drones) Be Free: Phenomenology and the Life-Worlds of Voyager's Doctor and Seven of Nine
Nicole R. Pramik
19. Vision Quest into Indigenous Space
Walter Robinson
GAMMA QUADRANT: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
20. Re-Thinking the Matter: Organians Are Still Organisms
Melanie Johnson-Moxley
21. "In Search of..." Friendship: What We Can Learn from Androids and Vulcans
James M. Okapal
22. Resistance is Negligible: In Praise of Cyborgs
Lisa Cassidy
23. "Who I Really Am": Odo, Mead, and the Self
Pamela JG Boyer
24. Is Liberation Ever a Bad Thing? Enterprise's "Cogenitor" and Moral Relativism
William A. Lindenmuth
25. Resistance Really Is Futile: On Being Assimilated by Our Own Technology
Dena Hurst
BEYOND THE GALACTIC BARRIER: The Future as the Final Frontier
26. Life on a Holodeck: What Star Trek Can Teach Us About the True Nature of Reality
Dara Fogel
27. Which Spock is the Real One? Alternate Universes and Identity
Andrew Zimmerman Jones
28. "Strangely Compelling": Romanticism in "The City on the Edge of Forever"
Sarah O'Hare
29. It is a Q of Life: Q as a Nietzschean Figure
Charles Taliaferro and Bailey Wheelock
30. A God Needs Compassion, But Not a Starship: Star Trek's Humanist Theology
James F. McGrath
31. "The Human Adventure is Just Beginning": Star Trek's Secular Society
Kevin S. Decker
Reunites the editors of Star Trek and Philosophy with Starfleet's finest experts for 31 new, highly logical essays
Features a complete examination of the Star Trek universe, from the original series to the most recent films directed by J.J. Abrams, Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
Introduces important concepts in philosophy through the vast array of provocative issues raised by the series, such as the ethics of the Prime Directive, Star Trek's philosophy of peace, Data and Voyager's Doctor as persons, moral relativism and the Federation's quest for liberation, the effect of alternate universes on reality and identity, the Borg as transhumanists, Federation Trekonomics, Star Trek's secular society, and much, much more...!
An enterprising and enlightening voyage into deep space that will appeal to hardcore fans and science fiction enthusiasts alike
Publishing in time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the original TV series

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