Think Like a Filmmaker

Sensory-Rich Worship Design for Unforgettable Messages
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Marcia McFee
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Think Like a Filmmaker: Sensory-Rich Worship Design for Unforgettable Messages

Are you Burned Out, in a Rut, and Frustrated by Sunday Mornings?

Then you need to “think like a filmmaker!” In this book, internationally-renowned worship designer and teacher, Dr. Marcia McFee, will give you her time-tested strategies for creating and sustaining sensory-rich worship that offers unforgettable messages each and every week. Insights from filmmakers: art directors, screenwriters, composers, cinematographers and directors, will attract and ignite volunteers as they gain skills for every worship art. Applying these lessons to vital communication of the Greatest-Story-Ever-Told will not only inspire pastors and staff for their work, but will invigorate the congregation’s excitement for Sunday mornings!


• Take the stress out of worship planning by adopting one important strategy

• Train knowledgeable volunteers that love working on worship

• Streamline your efforts by learning a common design vocabulary and process

• Do it all through a fun exploration of filmmaking techniques, from conceptualizing the story to dealing with “the reviews!”
You are a ritual artist
Think like a filmmaker-a lens
What you will find in this book
More than just a book

Chapter 1: Conceptualizing the Story
Unforgettable messages
The worship series-helping us see deeper
Discerning the direction
Pitching the story
Casting the vision

Chapter 2: Gathering the Creative Team
Team member roles
The "production" timeline
Naming the direction
Brainstorming party/retreat
Brainstorming and resource-gathering
Production week: writing scripts
Task management
The final countdown
The team covenant

Chapter 3: Think like an Art Director: Visual Arts
The space
The ethos
The symbols
Anchor images
Visual installations
Moving visuals and drop line systems
Visual homiletics
Chapter 4: Think like a Screenwriter: Verbal Arts
Words are symbolic
The experience of words
Words are visual
Words have to move
The verbal transition
Writing liturgy
Writing sermons

Chapter 5: Think like a Composer: Music Arts
Music and emotion
Theme songs and threshold moments
Musical transitions
Congregational music-making

Chapter 6: Think like a Cinematographer: Media Arts
The art of creating a "world"
Visual support for holy space
Visual liturgy, visual Word
Through the camera lens
Painting with light
Sound effects, sound systems

Chapter 7: Think like a Director: Dramatic Arts
The importance of embodiment
Movement in community
Movement as proclamation
Embodied speaking
Training and placement of readers
Children in worship

Chapter 8: Think like an Editor: Production Continues
The cutting room floor
The order of worship-narrative flow
Layered sequences
Script writing
Task management
The cue-to-cue rehearsal
Worship guides
Getting the word out

Chapter 9: The Release and the Reviews
The politics of change
The worship team review
Think Like a Filmmaker: Sensory-Rich Worship Design for Unforgettable Messages

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