The Fifth Chamber

the art of love & ecstasy
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Camille B Dean
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Are there limits to the power of desire?

After a string of failed relationships, Camille Dean withdraws from the world of serial dating. In the stillness that follows, she develops a bizarre theory that suppressed sexual energy will manifest her soul mate. Her quest to beguile karma receives an unexpected assist when an ancient book arrives at her door.

Against the plea of her best friend, Anya, Camille opens Love & Ecstasy. The magnetic words within inspire a journey that takes her from San Francisco's seedy counter-culture to its high society. Along the way, she navigates a dance of seduction with a neo-Reichian shaman therapist, a Dumas-quoting sommelier, and a bibliophile with a fondness for Gilgamesh. Camille uses her mind, body, and reality-bending imagination to solve the book's mystery. With each new risk she moves closer to her truth and deeper into deception.

Similar in tone to Anais Ninn's poetic prose, The Fifth Chamber charts one woman's search for truth and love through the transformative power of sex. The book wraps its readers in stunning visual imagery, art, and culture using language that is lyrical and erotic, with a touch of Bukowski.
1. the seeker
2. truth and love
3. the arrival
4. the headlands
5. the plan
6. burlesque
7. janus
8. rose
9. alex
10. melissa
11. animus
12. floating
13. tight focus
14. are you online?
15. how weird
16. shape shifters
17. risky disclosures
18. many faces
19. truth
20. epilogue
Are there limits to the power of desire?

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