Sam the Ant - The Flood

The Flood - La Inundación
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Enrique C Feldman
1, Sam the Ant
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1. Sam the Ant persists even as fears are confronted, and is always looking to build community with others.2. Sandy the Ant affirms and trusts Sam, and learns how to risk.
3. Drag the Dragonfly loves to fly high in the sky to gain a broader perspective.

Sam the Ant was created by Samantha “Sam” Feldman and her father, Enrique C. Feldman, when Sam was between the ages of 3 and 6. Sam the Ant was from the beginning a representation of the hero inside all of us.  Sam is joined by fellow ant explorer, “Sandy the Ant” and in the first of 27 books, you are quickly introduced to the third member of this traveling trio, “Drag the Dragonfly.”


The 27 books, each with a learning guide, tell one large global story centered on embracing diversity by communicating through adversity.  Multiple cultures are experienced visually and through the use of questions, which permeate each story.  The series is focused on empowering young children in ways which encourage them to:

embrace discovery
recognize multiple perspectives
identify integrity
foster compassion
understand perseverance
comprehend subtext through facial gesture and setting
build language through provocations in the form of questions

Each book ends with a parent guide that gives hints on how parents can use authentic dialogue strategies.  Results have shown an increased desire to read, and an elevated level of curiosity and critical thinking.

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