The Success Playbook

Principles and Strategies for Building a Rich and Happy Life
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Cumby L Christopher
1, The Success Playbook Series
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There was a time when your dreams inspired you, sparked new ideas and gave you direction and purpose.Then what?So many of us lose sight of what really makes us happy as we tackle life's responsibilities. Our outlook shifts from excited and eager to face the day to another day, another dollar. What happened? And what can we do about it?The Success Playbook helps you refocus on what you truly enjoy, define your personal vision of success, and take the first steps to reaching your goals with practical, achievable steps. This book is filled with exercises that let you practice each chapter's lessons immediately for better retention. And perhaps most importantly, The Success Playbook illustrates the art of journaling and how you can unlock your own potential with this powerful technique. As a bonus, The Success Playbook digital meditations are included free with both the print and digital versions of the book, a $497 value.Within the book, we will: - Uncover the Four Pillars of Success and how they create a strong foundation for aspiration achievement- Define the Five C's of Your Character and learn how controlling them will completely change your mindset.- Explore the Who A.R.E. You? Principle and how it impacts your daily interactions.- Transform Negative Thinking into a Positive and Productive Outlook- Learn the Decision Making Formula, making sure the goal you are trying to achieve aligns with your true self.If you have ever found yourself wanting more out of life - professionally or personally - then The Success Playbook is for you. A successful and fulfilling life is waiting for you, you just need to take the first step.
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There was a time when your dreams inspired you, sparked new ideas and gave you direction and purpose.

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