The OverTaxed Investor

Slash Your Tax Bill & Be a Tax Alpha Dog
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Phil DeMuth
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Today, Taxes Come First

Every year, Congress used to paste together a mismash of temporary tax rules. Then the so-called American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 rocked this world, making long-range tax planning possible for the first time in a decade. Because tax rates skyrocketed, it also became necessary.

Being tax-smart is now more important than ever. In our low-return environment, high taxes on investments gnaw like rats on your profits. Taxes need to be the first thing an investor considers, not an afterthought. Today you have to start with taxes. Nationally recognized investment advisor Phil DeMuth decrypts the 73,954 pages of tax code to show you where the trip-wires lie. He offers simple rules of thumb to navigate the minefield, all in sparkling English.

If you aren’t playing the long game with your taxes now, you are sending a valentine to the U.S. Treasury every April 15 with a needlessly fat check attached. DeMuth shows how to safely pare your investment tax bill down to the legal minimum requirement. It adds up to a small fortune that would be better spent on your life, your family, and your retirement.

You can slash your tax bill & be a Tax Alpha Dog!

Alpha…means getting excess returns.

Tax Alpha…is the extra returns you get by not paying a nickel more in taxes on your investments than legally required.

The Alpha Dog…is the leader of the pack. In other words, you.
Preface: Confessions of a Tax IgnoramusChapter One: The Tail of the Tax Alpha Dog
Chapter Two: The Three Bowls of Investment Accounts and What to Put in Each
Chapter Three: Tax Tricks for Treats
Chapter Four: The Stages of a Dog's Tax Life
Chapter Five: Zero-Dividend Investing for Rich Dogs
Chapter Six: Putting the Leash on Estate Taxes
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Today, Taxes Come First

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