Working the Glass

A Novel
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Andrew M Kloak
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“There’s a warmth and geniality in the prose that’s quite effective in Working the Glass: A Novel. Andrew is telling an exciting story with a likeable character in Frank. This writer took charge and did the rebounding to craft a successful narrative.”

—Doug Dorst, author of the novel S,’s #1 bestseller in mashup fiction


“Kloak’s writing style is terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set in Chicago and the Czech Republic. The owner of the Svet basketball sports club gives Frank a raw deal. But deep down, our exciting hero has the attitude of a winner and the heart of a champion.”

—A. John Popp, MD, FACS, winner of the Cushing Medal, the highest award in organized neurosurgery

“Readers demand a foreign love interest in a story like this. You also need enough sports scenes/action to make it credible and satisfying. Playing for Pizza by John Grisham has a similar premise but Andrew surpasses that and more in this book.”

—Skip Horack, author of The Other Joseph and The Eden Hunter, a New York Times Editors’ Choice


“I love Frank’s character and we see him grow and expand with each chapter. He’s a character that shows us how he feels on the inside. When he takes the floor, it’s exciting and riveting.  I was completely engrossed in this novel.”

—Heather Haven, author Death of a Clown, Winner of the IPPY Silver for Best Mystery/Thriller


This is a wonderful glimpse into European basketball and Chicago­—especially Ethnic Chicago. The story in the beginning of the novel of the cedar boards rubber-banded to the boys’ hands is quite magical; it combines flawlessly the father’s love and his impossible standards.”

—Rob Ehle, Wallace Stegner Writing Fellow at Stanford


September 1993. Ferenc “Frank” Savek, a gritty rebounder and defensive specialist from Chicago’s Czech neighborhoods, seizes his last chance at basketball glory by impersonating his Australia-bound brother, Josef on a struggling Czech superliga team mid-way through the season. The Svet Lions, situated in the Czech Republic’s glass-making region, have never beaten championship-caliber teams since the league’s formation in the Soviet era.

Frank and Jaroslav, a scrappy six-foot point guard from Plzeň, play well together. Their forceful efforts lead a turnaround for Svet. The other superliga players furiously try to defeat the surging Svet Lions.

Working the Glass tells a story of love, redemption and second chances. A literary narrative of brothers whose bonds cannot be broken. This is the tale of one man's journey home...
Prologue Chasing the Czech Dream 1Chapter 1 The Offer 7
Chapter 2 Family Dinner 17
Chapter 3 Journey Across the Divide 31
Chapter 4 Svet Dreams 47
Chapter 5 From Every Direction 53
Chapter 6 Klas Kuchyne 61
Chapter 7 The Tumble 67
Chapter 8 Departure 81
Chapter 9 The Note 91
Chapter 10 Watching the Eyes 93
Chapter 11 Don Giovanni 101
Chapter 12 The Opener 113
Chapter 13 Jelina 131
Chapter 14 Divinity at Hradec Králové 135
Chapter 15 Parlando in the Cellar 147
Chapter 16 What Happened in the Stairwell 155
Chapter 17 Breakthrough 163
Chapter 18 The Czech Curandera 177
Chapter 19 A Kiss 195

Chapter 20 The Russians 201
Chapter 21 Ultimatum 211
Chapter 22 What Happened in Brno 223
Chapter 23 My Boil Over 227
Chapter 24 The Magical City 237
Chapter 25 Grandiosity in Wenceslas Land 261
Chapter 26 Battle Against the Final "P" Team 283
Chapter 27 Shantelina of Slovakia 293
Chapter 28 Without Her 305
Chapter 29 The Antenna Incident 315
Chapter 30 Game Changer 331
Chapter 31 Meeting with Koliar 343
Chapter 32 Same Sun 349
Chapter 33 Farewell 353
Chapter 34 The Border Move 361
"There's a warmth and geniality in the prose that's quite effective in Working the Glass: A Novel. Andrew is telling an exciting story with a likeable character in Frank. This writer took charge and did the rebounding to craft a successful narrative."

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