PD Is My Name

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Sharron Mae Rose
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PD is My Name and Prayin’ is My Game ™


What Others are Saying about PD is My Name:

“I have been preaching the word of God now for a couple years.  

I've been needing a tool like this book to help me with the younger generation.”

– Reverend R. E. Davis II

“PD is my name will be enjoyed not only by children but by Parents who want to start teaching principles early

in their children’s lives.  In contrast, PD is my name is also for that special adult who is struggling with Cancer.  

I envision cancer patients young and old enjoying this interactive book for inspiration and to help them appreciate the journey they are on. Importantly, they are never alone. Journey's are not just about the actual journey but

your hopes and dreams while on the journey.”

– Joanne L. M.

 “PD is My Name has a way of engaging children of all ages. The story of PD and the activities is a fun way to learn about Prayer, Dedication and Jesus. I thoroughly enjoy reading this story with my little ones, they love PD.”

– M. W.


PD begins his journey with Christ by his side.

He teaches children it is okay to pray,

all times of day even if at play.  

As each child grows with the knowledge of Christ,

PD and Flicker will be tangible reminders that

we are watched over and loved unconditionally.

A portion of the proceeds from this book

will go to support the fight against cancer.


PD is My Name and Prayin' is My Game (TM)

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