MADE: Bestselling Las Vegas Organized Crime Thriller Series

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1, MADE Crime Thriller Series
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MADE: Sex, Drugs and Murder; The Recipe for Success. MADE is Book 1 of an Epic, Crime Thriller trilogy. It's about Andy Cooper; a military vet, turned hustler, turned Gangster, turned Crime Boss. His marriage is on the rocks; fresh out of the military, AC finds himself broke and lost with a Wife and three kids to feed. Trapped in Sin City and working any job he can get from day to day, to make ends meet. Hating the state of mind he's in right now, a really fucked up way to be! Gone are the days when Uncle Sam paid for housing, day care and groceries. Now, all own his own again, with no idea of where life is going to take him. One thing for sure, Andy "AC" Cooper no longer wanted to wear that Army uniform another day. Coop loved every minute of it and would not trade it for the world but the next chapter of his life was about to start. It just so happen that he landed in Las Vegas, one of the hardest cities to make it in, it is truly the land of the Hustler. What the outsiders don't know is that beneath the bright neon lights, the delicious buffets and luxurious casino's, lays a whole different world that would eventually suck him in. Inspired by True Events... 
MADE II: Fall of A Family; Rise of A Boss 
In book two of the Epic MADE Trilogy; AC, Manny and Duck come face to face with Sabrina's kidnappers. Nina, Denna, Loon and Big Will have bigger shoes to fill in their new roles, while chief Espinoza suspicions escalates as Sin City crime rise's along with Hector's body count. 
Monica's back and has plans on picking up from where she left off. Cash flow is at an all-time high with Coop at the helms as Crime continues to pay big for the new Sin City Boss. The recipe of Sex, Drugs and Murder prove to be the perfect mix, as one family falls and the next Boss is donned; King of the Devils playground. 
MADE III: Death Before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit 
Three years ago, I lost my wife and family to this messed up economy. After that nothing was there to hold me back, with no more support from Uncle Sam; I decided to pave my own way. Never one to break the law, I traveled down the straight and narrow but to no avail, thanks to this Bitch ass Cop; name Espinoza. So again I found myself in a corner. But as I gathered my thoughts and tried to come up with a plan; it was by fate that I met who would later become the love of my life. Sabrina in her own fortuitous way introduced me to the life I have today. Still no wife nor kids in the picture, even though they constantly held a place next to my soon to be cold heart. I witnessed my life change in a split second. Now that I think back on it; mine did that very day I dropped Pharoah's punk ass in that back parking lot. I should have known things would never be the same after that day. I still get a thrill when I think about the look he had in his eyes when I took his life away and the smile that remained on Sabrina's all that day. As I sit here smoking on this Cohiba, in this Mansion, with all this power, all this money and all the blood on my hands from those fools that stood in my way. My heart still beats fast at the sight of the cars, money, houses, women and the sound of hot bullets piercing warm flesh. See I live for this shit because there's nothing else out there for me; but this. Don't blame my mother, don't blame my pops. Blame Uncle Sam for placing that M16 in my hands and brain washing me to kill without feeling a damn thing. Blame this messed up economy; that has so many people struggling. Yeah I made a choice and I am happy with it. Because of that; me and my crew will protect what's ours until the day we die...

This series was written with a continuous conscious flow to enhance the criminal experience, delivering an exhilarating adrenaline rush.(Quotes were omitted intentionally)

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