Found: A Story Of One Life Transformation

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Michael Jaffe
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"I once was lost but now am found." These words from John Newton's Amazing Grace express the journey of Michael Jaffe, a journey through devastating grief to the wonder of meaning. Jaffe tells his story by sharing his most vulnerable life's moments. He straightforwardly and poignantly reveals how he survived the deep trauma of his early years and sought to find purpose through the turbulent sixties. Follow Jaffe's search for meaning through the Orthodox Judaism of his early years, the quest for social justice as a teenager, the seeming magic of Woodstock, and ultimately the despair that accompanies life's broken promises. Then in a moment of time everything changed. Despair gave way to hope, emptiness gave way to fulfillment and loneliness to the tender love of God. These are things that take place when a person is found by the One who gives life in the first place. Michael Jaffe's story goes well beyond an initial encounter with the love of God through Jesus Christ. It tells the story of how being found transforms the entirety of a person's life. Once hurt and broken without any sense of hope, his transformational journey has led him to a life rich in so many ways. That is the power of the Gospel.

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