Jimmy Carter's Cancer-Free Report: Jimmy Carter is 'cancer-free'

Miracle or just science?
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Jimmy Carter is 'cancer-free': Miracle or just science?

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said his brain cancer disappeared last December. The news astonished the medical world and cancer patients alike. He had advanced (stage IV) metastatic melanoma, which used to be equivalent to a death sentence. He was also 92 years old.

Is it true that his cancer is completely gone?

If it is true, how was this incurable cancer removed?

What treatment did he receive? What was behind Jimmy Carter’s cancer cure?

Can other patients with incurable cancers recover like Jimmy Carter did?


This book contains the following detailed information to answer the above questions.

- How advanced was Jimmy Carter’s cancer and what was the course of treatment?

- What was the driving force behind Jimmy Carter’s cancer cure?

- How did Keytruda, Jimmy Carter’s immunotherapy drug, work?

- Information on recently-developed immunotherapy drugs

- Who is the medical team who treated Jimmy Carter’s cancer?

“Jimmy Carter’s Cancer-Free Report” contains information on the active ingredients, the efficacy, the subject for indication, and the costs of the eight types of the major immunotherapy drugs, including Keytruda.


1. Former U.S. President Carter Announces Full Recovery from Cancer
2. Former President Carter's Cancer Treatment Process
2.1. Carter's Cancer, Stage IV metastatic malignant melanoma
2.2. Former President Carter's Cancer Treatment Process

3. Action Mechanism and Effects of Immunotherapy Drugs
3.1. Action Mechanism of Immunotherapy Drugs
3.2. Difference between Immunotherapy Treatment and Autoimmune Treatment

4. Immunotherapy Drugs Changing the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment
4.1. Competition to Develop Groundbreaking Immunotherapy Drugs
4.2. Cost of Immunotherapy Drug Treatment

5. Major Immunotherapy Drugs

5.1 Keytruda
5.1.1. Keytruda: Groundbreaking Third-Generation Immunotherapy Drug
5.1.2. Keytruda Usage & Treatment Cost
5.1.3. Keytruda: Astounding Treatment Effect on Melanoma
5.1.4. Keytruda: FDA Approval for Treatment of Lung Cancer
5.1.5. Keytruda: Undergoing Clinical Trials on Over 30 Types of Cancer

5.2. Opdivo
5.2.1. Opdivo: FDA Approval as Melanoma Treatment
5.2.2. Opdivo: FDA Approval as Lung Cancer Treatment
5.2.3. Opdivo: FDA-Approved as Treatment for Kidney Cancer
5.2.4. Opdivo: Highly Effective in Treating Ovarian Cancer
5.2.5. Opdivo·Yervoy Combination Therapy Receives FDA Approval

5.3. Yervoy
5.3.1. Yervoy: First Immunotherapy Drug to Receive FDA Approval
5.3.2. Yervoy Drastically Reduces Melanoma Recurrence After Surgery

5.4. Atezolizumab
5.4.1. Atezolizumab: FDA-Designated as a Breakthrough Therapy
5.4.2. Atezolizumab: FDA-Designated as Breakthrough Therapy for NSCLC

5.5. Tagrisso
5.5.1 Tagrisso: FDA Approval as Treatment for NSCLC

5.6. Abemaciclib
5.6.1. Abemaciclib: FDA Designation as Breakthrough Therapy for Breast Cancer

5.7. Avelumab
5.7.1. Avelumab: FDA-Designated as Treatment for MCC

5.8. Yondelis
5.8.1. Yondelis: FDA Approval as Treatment for Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

6. Epilogue

6.1. Outstanding Medical Team and Immunotherapy Drug Are Responsible for Former President Carter's Full Recovery from Cancer
6.2. Immunotherapy Drugs Give Hope of Full Recovery to Cancer Patients
6.3. President Carter's Life Itself a Lesson
Jimmy Carter is 'cancer-free': Miracle or just science?

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