The Wonderful Professor Wolgath

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Alexis Rhae
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In the Year of Our Lord 1764
"There are few sights in this world so pitiful, so effective at the thumping of one's heartstrings, as that of a fine dog watching his affectionate master reach for his hat and coat by the door."

Little did Lucius Wolgath know as he left his loyal companion that evening that the dinner party he was on his way to attend would have an astounding affect on his life. Soon after his arrival Lucius is introduced to Alexcena Condreve, the lady he is bound to love. While Lucius is increasingly preoccupied with Ms. Condreve, he is unaware that the eyes of Rodney Dushaw are also fixed upon her. The younger man has long attempted to advance himself toward Alexcena. As a fellow student of Wolgath’s at the University of Cambridge, the sting of jealousy is particularly poignant in Rodney when he observes Wolgath gaining ground where he could not. It does not take long for him to see the need to form a most clever plan if he is to have any hope of engaging Alexcena’s favor…

When Lucius boards a ship on the pretext of some business, it is soon clear to him that something is terribly wrong. Alexcena too, being painfully aware that her beloved should have returned in two weeks, grows fearful as his absence stretches longer and longer. A confession from an unlikely source soon reveals to her what Lucius already knows. The ship could not possibly have returned in a matter of weeks, for it was bound for the American Colonies.

Lucius is determined to save himself in order to return to Alexcena. In spite of the threat of many dangers in the American wilderness, Lucius begins the daunting task of attempting to return to England without the aid of money or ready transportation.

Alexcena is equally determined to rescue Lucius. Begging the help of his older brother, she charters a vessel and sets sail for America. She is fearful of the condition she will find her betrothed in. That is, if they each survive their journeys and she is able to find him at all.
In the Year of Our Lord 1764

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