Beyond the Name

Preserving Love, Legacy and Leadership in Your Family Business
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Brent Patmos
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Only 3 percent of family companies last into the fourth generation.    Will yours?

Your family company is more than a building.  It’s made up of people you love, legacy you cherish, and leadership you value.  As an owner or leader, you have a unique calling to preserve and grow your family organization so that it can thrive in to the future.

In Beyond the Name, business advisor Brent Patmos shows how the mastery that built your business is uniquely different than the mastery to evolve it.  Along the way, he shares experience, and expertise from thirty years of working with senior executives in more than 125 privately held companies.

Learn the think-plan-do-measure method, an approach that has helped family companies around the US increase revenue by the millions.  Understand how a clearly defined culture creates a uniting force within your company.  Discover how to understand yourself and those around you with objectivity to bring the grease focus and clarity to your organization.

But more than that, learn to strengthen relationships in you family company.  Because, after all, is it really success if you don’t love each other in the end?
1 | Family Businesses Are Different
Is It Time?
Why Family Businesses Are Different
From Surviving to Thriving
Do More than Function
2 | Functional Dysfunction
Family Dynamics
Difficulty Communicating
Different Generations, Different Ideas
Integrating Family and Non-Family Leadership
Understanding People Objectively
Confronting Performance Issues and Still Loving Each Other
Preservation Pressures
You Are Your Name
It's All About Culture
Preserving the Past while Staying Open to the Future
Passing the Business to the Next Generation
Leadership Dysfunction
The Bright Side
Radically Improve Your Business with a Performance-Driven Mindset
3 | Adopt the Thriving Mindset
Attribute 1: See Sales and Profits as Outcomes, Not Targets
Attribute 2: Think, Plan, Do, Measure
Attribute 3: Do the Right Thing
Attribute 4: Create the Experience
Attribute 5: Be Relentlessly Aware Externally and Internally
Attribute 6: View Situations Objectively
Attribute 7: Maintain an Advancing Perspective
Attribute 8: Develop and Execute an Evolution Plan
Attribute 9: Maintain the Heart
4 | Creating the Culture
What Is Culture?
The Five Foundations of Culture
Clearly Defining Your Culture
The Many Hats You Wear
Passing On the Cultural Legacy
5 | Letting Go
Exercising a Different Mindset
Avoiding Complacency
Getting Creative
It Starts with You
Peanut Butter Ideas
Thrive and Measure
Don't Just Do, Think
6 | Developing Your Leadership Identity
Stolen Identities
Leaders, Doers and Alignment
Growing as a Leader
Four Leadership Competencies to Master
Clear Thinking
Leadership of Self
Leadership of Others
Authenticity and Transparency
My Own Growth
7 | Developing Your Strategy
The Force Multiplier
The Starting Point
Getting Practical
Reaching Your Zenith
8 | Where You've Been and Where You're Going
Beyond Legacy into Sustainability
Where Can You Go?
The Never-Ending Journey
Only 3 percent of family companies last into the fourth generation. Will yours?

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