Todd Friel
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The church has gone to the wolves. The blasphemously named "e;Holy Ghost Bartender"e; encourages people to get "e;drunk in the Spirit"e; and fall down laughing maniacally. A megachurch youth pastor puts peanut butter in his armpits and has his youth group lick it out. A celebrity pastor spends twenty-four hours in a bed, with his wife, on the roof of the church, in an effort to encourage his flock to have sex every day for a month. This is just the tip of the insanity iceberg known as Evangelicalism. A famine of biblical discernment has led to skinny sheep, fat goats, and a compromised Christian witness. While there are great, godly men who boldly and biblically shepherd their flocks, the majority of evangelical churches have become silly centers. The result? America the beautiful has become America the debauched. In Judge Not, Todd Friel dares to violate Evangelicalism's first commandment: thou shall not judge. Friel satirically and painfully exposes some of the rot in the underbelly of the contemporary church, and points to a solution to help rescue the church, save souls, and glorify God. Prepare to potentially be shocked, offended, and inspired to do more than just complain about the state of Evangelicalism. This book will enable you to actually do something to put an end to the chicanery that pervades far too many churches. It is time to act, before all of our children are consuming peanut butter a la armpit.
The church has gone to the wolves.

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