Sacred Joy

Remembering Who You Really Are
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Paul Rafael
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None of us came here on earth to suffer, struggle and fight with Life. Yet so many of us do. The human experience is often trying, challenging and rough but we still carry on. Why? Who is struggling?  

What if it was never really about the “why” but more about the “Who”? Who is asking? Who are we really? This book does not pretend to answer these queries. It simply wishes to help one remember that maybe in the asking lies already the answer. Through the intimate sharing of his inner transformation, Paul Rafael offers guidance on how to remember that embodied spirituality is an everlasting sacred dance. Dancing with our humanness is always one available path that can help us reconnect with our core essence. It is offered to help anyone – who feels ready – to know that Life was never meant to be a “pain management” experience. 

Being human can also be the celebration of a sacred dancing mystery.

With authenticity, warmth and empathy, the author relates Ancient wisdom in modern terminology, which has often been misunderstood or misconstrued. Paul Rafael shares from his heart what he knows to be true with transparence and integrity. He shares how in his own spiritual rebirth, he has been able to ignite what he calls the three Sacred keys. He shares how seeing, allowing and honoring our joy essence is a spiritual practice that is always available, simple and yet utterly sacred.

Chapter I - Filtering Energy and Reality through Human Situations
Section 1: Filtering and Reacting to the Group situation
Where is truly Home?
Where do I truly belong?
Who are my people?
Section 2: Filtering and reacting to the Polarity situation
What is my polarity?
Why am I different?
What is true Love?
Section 3: Filtering and reacting to the Human mind situation
Why can't I stop (re)thinking?
Why can't I stop (re)acting?
Why am I here?
Chapter II - Igniting the 3 Sacred Keys
Section 1: Sacred Awareness - Igniting your Inner Clarity
Igniting Sacred Seeing
Igniting Sacred Discernment
Igniting Sacred Focus
Section 2: Sacred Allowing - Igniting your Inner Peace
Igniting Sacred Authenticity
Igniting Sacred Compassion
Igniting Sacred Insights
Section 3: Sacred Honoring - Igniting your Inner Trust
Igniting Sacred Uniqueness
Igniting Sacred Choice
Igniting Sacred Truth
Chapter III - Sacred Joy ~ Dancing through the Human Journey
Section 1: Dancing with your humanness ~ Dancing your own Dance
Dancing your own path
Dancing with your body and its messages
Dancing with choosing and creating
Section 2: Dancing through Life's Adventure ~ Not taking yourself too seriously
Dancing with your Human mind
Dancing with Changes
Dancing with Challenges
Section 3: Dancing with Sacred Paradoxes ~ Dancing with Life's Mystery
Dancing with Sacred Simplicity
Dancing with Sacred Harmony
Dancing with Sacred Unknown
None of us came here on earth to suffer, struggle and fight with Life. Yet so many of us do. The human experience is often trying, challenging and rough but we still carry on. Why? Who is struggling?

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