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Kathy Mansfield
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“Three points and a poem” was the old stereotypical formula preachers used to use for the structure of their sermons. Kathy Mansfield writes her poems while listening to sermons and reflecting on the meaning of the Bible.
Kathy’s love of poetry began at an early age, but she didn’t start writing her own poems until she was an adult. Inspiration for her Bible poetry came from summers spent with her grandma in Arkansas. “Grandma and I would talk about different Bible stories and about how important God was in our lives. I started to make poems out of some of our favorite Bible passages.”

Find within these pages poems about familiar favorites such as Esther and Ezekiel and about not so familiar biblical characters like Achan, Jael, and Melchizedek. Read about topics such as hope, priorities, and God’s will. The rhythm and meter of each selection will have you recalling pivotal truths and key concepts about passages long after you put the book down.

Read the poems along with your study of a passage in the Bible or as stand alone reminders of familiar stories and biblical truths. Enjoy this collection for yourself, with your family, or even with an audience. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find inspiration of your own and find yourself writing down your own thoughts . . . and a poem.

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