The Story of the Century

A Novel
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Karl Eysenbach
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An Ambitious Science Fiction Novel
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>p>Infinitely Zany
Judith Merkle Riley, BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB AUTHOR, The Oracle Glass
This is the story of the story of the century. Saroyan Pashogi has everythinginternational fame as the world's most beautiful and glamorous movie star, a Hollywood mansion, and a hunk of a boy friend. But she wants something more. She finds Clem Reader, a New LA celebrity reporter, and they fall into a passionate romance. Little do they know that Clems discovery of the governments darkest, most closely held secret has put both of their lives in peril.
Although The Story of the Century is a science fiction book that has a romantic core, it also provides glimpses of the way things are today in international drug smuggling, the military-industrial complex, intelligence community, and political corruption.
Set in a future 300 years after a nuclear war, many things are just the same as they are today. And just as much as The Story of the Century is about a reporters discovery of what the government really knows about flying saucers and his romance with a Hollywood leading lady, the book is also a dyspeptic portrait of America today.
>p>Infinitely ZanyJudith Merkle Riley, BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB AUTHOR, The Oracle Glass

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