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Cody Judy
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More than anything your spiritual journey needs to be identified. This book will help you chart a path and focus in on your spiritual healing making your life meaningful and your journey much more vivid in your eyes of Heaven. From the bottom of the barrel in prison, Cody Robert Judy has made his way and helps you to identify your strengths by confessing your weaknesses. The whole book is a Teaching Moment designed to help you find answers that are true and meaningful.

America's history is rich with colorful characters whose outlandish escapades carved their names indelibly on its rugged, untamed landscape. Cody Robert Judy is the only Candidate for President in America to take both Sen. John McCain in 2008 and Barack Hussein Obama to Court taking a stand on the eligibility requirement for the Office of the President. Cody's latest action continues even today in the United States Supreme Court Case NO. 12-5276 & 14-9396 with a Special Individual Justice Petition to Justice Gorsuch.

In 2010 Cody became the first Presidential Candidate in American History to testify under oath against another candidate unqualified by the Constitution's requirements.

Cody's Stand

Enter Cody Robert Judy blazing fire from the west - a modern day Revolutionary George Washington, capital P for Protester, whose Book Of Mormon (B.O.M). quandary framed him in 1993 and landed him in more Free Speech hot water than any native son could be expected to handle with the Constitution under assault. With no one to help, he faced the hell America will face without the Constitution and his story is but a glimpse of what is to come if America doesn't wake up and read this memoir of truth that eclipses the dark propaganda of security and slavery for the dawn of Constitutional vitality!

As a political prisoner for 8 years Judy emerges bloodied but unbowed citing the unconstitutional union of Church and State in the case that pitted the State dictating what Americans of Faith will be horrified of in Church where free speech has the greatest latitude for religious sentiment. Happening in America, because of the anti-Constitutional agenda of elected government seeking to control your very lives and fortunes..America is waking up to see the Constitution burning.

Citing Lincoln's third party status in his bid for the Presidency and Washington's thirteen strikes before finally hitting one out of the park, Judy claimed he had complete confidence in his fight during a 2002 run for U.S. Congress,2004 bid for U.S. Senate, and in 2008 as a Presidential Candidate, and these were just pieces of the puzzle in serving intelligence for America . Cody, an unsung American Patriot took on the elite in the face of over whelming odds believing as KEY to America's freedom and liberty the U.S. Constitution must stand. Cody roars, "Taking A Stand is the most important thing we can do for our childrens brilliant future!"

Conservative Independent, platform for U.S. Senator in 2010,(codyjudy.us) as a political activist fighting for the principles of the United States Constitution, Cody Judy took a stand on the Qualification issue of first John Sidney McCain and then Barack Hussein Obama challenging them in the Judicial Branch of our Government as no other candidate has in history. No U.S. Senator has taken a stand like Cody Robert Judy as he alone did not discriminate between black or white but focused on the Qualifications of a Constitutional Principle for the Office of the President and realized the ominous signs of unconstitutional law we are seeing as the affects of the U.S. being seized upon by a social marxist regime as Communism rising like a bear in the U.S. and the U.S. domestic enemies takes on a whole new meaning as government TAKES a look at YOU!

Can we look past the audacity of hope, and learn something about the irrepressible spirit and courage that a man named Cody Robert Judy has tread in our Forefathers footsteps, who defined the birth of our nation as rebels oppressed by Tyranny and Government astray in hope for man; - in this brash iron man - America's envelope continues to be pushed, freedom sings and liberty rings as America is waking up to realize they have been deceived by those they trusted and Cody Robert Judy a man of humility before God whose testimony is that of the angels trumpet takes a stand for all we had hoped elected leaders would but haven't!

This work is Cody Robert Judy's take on The Truth. It may raise a few eyebrows and cause the shaking of heads, but its purpose in the end is a worthy one answering the question of 'Why'. After all, as a profoundly controversial figure is said to have once said, '...and the truth shall set you free'.
Taking A Stand- A story of Love,Leadership, and Loss profound in Sacrifice.
' Honor, Respect, and Cherish your Freedom, for it carries the Blood of those who gave it to you.' Abraham Lincoln.

Taking A Stand- The Conservative Independent Voice

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