A Bright New Dawn

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Miriam Allen
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During the initial days of Christs first teachings, a young fishermans life and his familys destiny is changed forever after Jesus of Nazareth singles him out from a crowd of onlookers standing on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
Jesus has promised to make Simon a fisher of men Simon is thrilled, but his wife Naomi is worried. Who is this man and why is Simon willing to drop everything and follow him? Even as Naomi voices her concerns about the loneliness and financial hardship that his separation will surely cause, Simon is determined to understand the message behind the man who inspires everyone who listens to his powerful voice. Through the following days and months, Naomi begins to learn just what Simons commitment to Jesus of Nazareth really means to not just their own family, but to the future world as well. Naomi, Simon and their children attempt to live a normal life in the face of increasing danger and soon learn that only the Lord provides the answers they seek.

As Simon bravely faces the obstacles that accompany his calling, his family gains strength and understanding as together they reach A Bright New Dawn.

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