The Christ Is Not a Person

The Evolution of Consciousness and the Destiny of Man
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J.C. Tefft
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Why are we born? For what purpose are we here? The longer we remain unaware of what is taking place within us of what drives us and what can liberate us from the bonds of egocentric behavior the longer we allow what the Buddha called the sorrow of life to hold sway. The sorrow of life is the sum and consequence of our total identification with the world that is created by self.
The word Consciousness means something more than what the mind of self thinks, imagines, or conceives. Awareness in Pure Consciousness is an awareness that is other than self and beyond thought. Contrary to traditional thinking, the so-called unseen, unknown world is nothing more than Consciousness of which we are unaware. Unawareness in Consciousness has been evolving into Awareness in Consciousness since before time began.
The author of this work comprehensively sets forth a meaning of ancient scripture that likely has not been advanced to you before. He demystifies ancient legends and myths so the essential truth of ancient teachings shines through. Using ancient scripture as a guide, he insightfully explores a growing conscious awareness that has been emerging within mankind over the last few thousand years.
A must read for anyone looking to discover the deeper meaning of ancient scripture beyond a literal interpretation of the words.

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