From Ivory Towers to Gun Towers

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Barry Lew
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I didn`t realize it early on, but my mother was emotionally insuring my survival in order that I become an M.D.and reciprocate. I carefully avoided any meaningful relationships for many years and focused on fulfilling the covenant with her. I attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed my training at the true "ivory towers" in medicineI had kept my mother alive through four grave illnesses until her passing in 1977. I left the emptiness her loss created and began a new life in California. There, I believe I alnost achieved legendary status treating the medical and social needs of a population shunned and forgotten by society
At the height of my success, I acquired a hotel on its own island in Belize and mingled with the participants of the "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous".
And then, suddenly,in one untoward series of events, I lost the degree and profession that I had spent a lifetime achieving. I was betrayed by a physician assistant who wrongfully accused me of masterminding his criminal activities. I was given the option of acting as an under cover agent for the Department of Justice. My attorneys had left me a position which I judged to be life threatening. I chose to survive and was led away to the harsh reality of the California Institue for Men.
I suvived my prison experience because of a sacred bond with Gregory Jolley or "Rooster", originally a hard core,level four inmate who shared a cell at one time with John Clutchette, one of the Soledad "brothers". We defied the segregation in Chino at great personal risk.
But first, I had to discover the inner resourses that would allow me to transform myself into a respected "convict".
I invite you to read the amazing details of this never before articulated recount of a friendship in prison that defied all conventional wisdom.

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