Adviser Secrets How to Become a Top Performer

A Guide to the 13 Most Important Communication Skills Used by Top Performers
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Dennis Sommer
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In today's fast paced changing business world, professionals must work smarter than ever to improve their performance. What worked in the past doesn't work today. Clients are more knowledgeable and demanding. Competitors are more aggressive and cutthroat. Technical mastery of your vocation will only take you as far as an "average" performer.
Within the pages of this book, the author reveals a revolutionary approach called the "Adviser Success Model" and walks the reader step-by-step through 13 of the most important communication skills used by top performers.
As a top performer you will:
earn more money;
get that new job or promotion;
increase your client base;
close more deals;
increase your gross sales revenue;
improve your profit margin;
retain clients for life;
and much more.

This book is intended for business owners, consultants, sales and service professionals who serve clients on a daily basis. Traditionally these are outside clients (sometimes they may be referred to as customers in your organization). Recently Ive also found tremendous success implementing the art of client communication with professionals working with internal clients, that is those professionals who provide services for others within the same organization.

It doesnt matter where you fit in the above description. The tips and techniques I provide will help you become a master communicator and top performer in your profession. I will focus on the most critical communication skill areas and provide you with successfully proven techniques. This book will cover:

Questioning How to ask powerful, smart and insightful questions
Listening How to become an effective listener
Objection Handling How to eliminate client objections and resistance
Preparing A Presentation How to inspire and motivate an audience
Delivering A Presentation How to persuade your client to your recommendations
Planning A Meeting How to plan the most effective meeting
Facilitating A Meeting How to run the most effective meeting
Words and Stories How to use words and stories to get your point across
The Written Word How to utilize the most overlooked written communication
Memos And Reports How to develop powerful reports and memos
Gatekeeper Barriers How to get client gatekeepers to help you win
Self Promotion How to promote yourself to the top of your profession
Household Name How you can become a household name in your industry

Although there have been books published on many of these topics in the past, this book contains new approaches that focus on the critical client and business challenges you are facing today. The primary goal and objective of this program is to help you build your foundation for becoming a top performer in your profession.

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