The Adventurous Life of Agatha

Fashion Designer
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Award winning internationally recognized U.S. fashion designer, Agatha Brown, was born in Texas and graduated Southern Methodist University Fashion School of Design. Known in the fashion world simply as "Agatha", she chronicles her very free spirited, adventurous, and glamorous life. From very humble beginnings and growing up during the Great Depression, she overcame all obstacles to reach the top in her career. Her adventurous travels alone took her to Italy and France to design and produce her collections, and a dangerous trip to Israel three weeks after the Six Day War will keep the reader entranced. In her travels, she meets many fascinating people and celebrities, both the famous and infamous. Her adventures in the Far East and exotic Hong Kong are wildly exciting and her trip to Brazil almost cost her life. Finally, she meets her soul mate, and opens her own company at 550 Seventh Avenue in New York. At the pinnacle of her career, events bring it all crashing down and she starts all over again from the island paradise of Aruba. Her autobiography tells it all. The great successes, the downfalls, the hot passionate love affairs, the heartbreaks, and the adventures that challenge her indomitable free spirit are all here in this thrilling read. Member New York Fashion Council; Named "Guest Designer" Dallas Fashion Mart 1986; Nominated "Best Designer" Mohair Council of America 1985; "Best of Fall" for fragrance "Mystery of Agatha" awarded by 2000; "Best of 2002" award for fragrances "Imperial Jade Empress and Emperor" by

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