Managing People in a Downturn

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This collection of short essays helps to dispel nonsense and encourage sense in the world of people management in difficult times - a follow up to the successful People Management in Turbulent Times
A Paradox Resolved Ability, Aspiration, Attitude The Abnormal Boss Achieving Staff Engagement The Annual Conference Anti-Management Blind-Date and Speed Dating Bridge Employment Business and the Media The Chain of Happiness Changeability City Survivors Guilt Cock Ups and Cover Ups at Work Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Conspiracy at Work Dark Triads and Toxic Triangles Dealing with Opponents Defending the Self The Disaffected Worker Divergent Thinking Does Coaching Work? Dysfunctional Credentialism Elite Performers Employ-Worthiness Engagement isn't Enough The Entrepreneurial Shift Executive Derailment Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad The Gaff Prone Ceo Good Advice Half A Mo Hire Positive People How Management Style Leads Directly to Profit and Loss How to be Happy The Identification of High Flyers Implicit Assumptions Incentivising Presentism Iq Testing at Work Is Management Getting Harder Life After Lay Off Managerial Educability Managerial In-Experience Neuro-Everything Nice Guys Come Second The Normality of Silos The Offsite Strategy Meeting On the Other Hand The Personality Of Interviewers Political Skills Process, Profit and People Reassuringly Expensive Restorative Justice at Work Sack 'Em All Segmenting the Sat Nav Market Selecting a Prime Minister or President Servant Leadership Seven Steps to Happiness Sex at Work Shapers of Destiny So What is Potential? Spotting Leadership Potential Strong Situations Superego Vs. Super Ego Taking An Hr Exam Three As Three Journeys Time at Work Time Perspectives Time Watching The Unethical Manager Value Clashes The Valuelessness of Knowledge What's The Point of Theory Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur Working Abroad The Young Ceo
A collection of engaging and thought-provoking essays looking at the world of business and management during a recession. Furnham takes a sideways look at some business issues that are often brushed under the carpet and examines recent academic contributions to business literature in an amusing and jargon-free style.

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