People Management in Turbulent Times

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Adrian Furnham
330 g
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This collection of short essays hopes to help to dispel nonsense and encourage sense in the world of people management in these turbulent times
Preface Introduction What Happens in Troubled Times? The Management Essentials Turbulent Times and Change The Uptake of Innovation Organisational Change Factors Associated with Change Sense and Sensibility in Troubled Times Essays: Abusing Staff Benevolence and Entitlement Birth Order, Creativity and Leadership Brains and Beauty Business Speed Dating Career Advice Communication Diets Compensation Satisfaction Corporate Affairs The Criterion Problem Describing Failure Decisional Latitude Disagreeable Leaders Drinking in the Workplace Dysfunctional Empathy Faith at Work First Impressions Five Factors of Hubris Forget Your Weaknesses Getting to Work and Behaviour at Work Going the Extra Mile Happiness and Success Insight Inspirational Orators Integrity Testing at Selection Joy of Mammon Listening for Clues Machiavellian Intelligence Malleability or Rigidity Management Tagging Modern Management Styles Morale Mr Niceguy Onion and Garlic Types Organisational Prurience Organisational Shock Absorbers Organisational Territoriality Paradoxical Constraint Paranoia, Perfectionism and Psychopathy Pathological Ambition Pay Secrecy Pedantic, Popularist or Puerile People Data Physiology of Leadership Placebogenic Encounters Political Tactics at Work Psycho-logical Marketing Psychology of Redundancy The Psychopath in our Midst Publication Bias in Business Pushy Parents Retail Enlightenment Revisionist Management Theories Selling Ideology Service Orientation Service Sector Strategy Sex in Management Spurious Connections Story Time Strategies for Talent Management Subtle Stereotypes Success Suppressed Over-functioning Managers Taking Offence Talent Retention Target Setting Typical and Maximal Performance Value Re-engineering Who Learns What from Coaching Work-life Ethics Work on your Weaknesses Common Sense in Troubled Times
We have recently seen stock-markets plunge and governments bail out banks. People have been made redundant, and many others are very worried. Some of the short essays in this collection are part musing and part reaction to the recent economic situation, which hope to dispel nonsense and encourage sense in the world of people management.

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