Reflections on the Liar

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Bradley Armour-Garb
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Chapter 1: Introduction: Reflections on the Liar Bradley Armour-GarbChapter 2: From No People to No Languages: A Nihilistic Response to the Liar-Family of Semantic Paradoxes Bradley Armour-Garb and Peter Unger
Chapter 3: Thinking about the Liar, Fast and Slow Robert Barnard, Joseph Ulatowski, and Jonathan Weinberg
Chapter 4. Gestalt shifts in the Liar; Or, Why KT4M is the logic of semantic modalities Susanne Bobzien
Chapter 5. Towards Resolving the Liar Paradox Gilbert Harman
Chapter 6. Microlanguages, Vagueness and Paradox Peter Ludlow
Chapter 7. I-Languages and T-sentences Paul M. Pietroski
Chapter 8. The Liar Without Truth Ian Rumfitt
Chapter 9. Revising Inconsistent Concepts Kevin Scharp and Stewart Shapiro
Chapter 10. Semantics for Semantics James Shaw
Chapter 11. Truth & Transcendence: Turning the Tables on the Liar Paradox Gila Sher
Chapter 12. Truth, Hierarchy, and Incoherence Bruno Whittle
Chapter. 13 Semantic Paradoxes and Abductive Methodology Timothy Williamson
In recent years there have been a number of books-both anthologies and monographs-that have focused on the Liar Paradox and, more generally, on the semantic paradoxes, either offering proposed treatments to those paradoxes or critically evaluating ones that occupy logical space. At the same time, there are a number of people who do great work in philosophy, who have various semantic, logical, metaphysical and/or epistemological commitments that suggest that they should say something about the Liar Paradox, yet who have said very little, if anything, about that paradox or about the extant projects involving it. The purpose of this volume is to afford those philosophers the opportunity to address what might be described as reflections on the Liar.

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