The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Endocrinology

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Lisa L. M. Welling
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Chapter 1 Integrating Mechanisms and Functions to Understand Behavior
Lisa L.M. Welling and Todd K. Shackelford

Chapter 2 Hormones and Behavior: A Life History Perspective
Maren N. Vitousek and Laura A. Schoenle

Chapter 3 Sex Differences in Primate Social Relationships During Development
Joyce F. Benenson

Chapter 4 Sex Differences in Cognition: Evidence for the Organizational-Activational Hypothesis
Elizabeth Hampson

Chapter 5 Involvement of the Sex Hormones in Learning and Memory
Kelsy S.J. Ervin and Elena Choleris

Chapter 6 Endocrine Disruptors and Other Environmental Influences on Hormone Action
Laura N. Vandenberg

Chapter 7 Investigating the Ovulatory Cycle: An Overview of Research and Methods
Lisa L.M. Welling and Robert P. Burriss

Chapter 8 Reproduction Behavior in the Human Male
Stefan M.M. Goetz, Glenn Weisfeld, and Samuele Zilioli

Chapter 9 Mate Preferences Across the Lifespan
Lynda G. Boothroyd and Jovana Vukovic

Chapter 10 The Influence of Maternal Stress and Child Maltreatment on Offspring
Lillybelle K. Deer, Kristin Bernard, and Camelia E. Hostinar

Chapter 11 Evolution and Human Fatherhood
Adam H. Boyette and Lee T. Gettler

Chapter 12 Hormones, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity
Nicholas C. Neibergall, Alex J. Swanson, and Francisco J. Sánchez

Chapter 13 Intersexual and Intrasexual Competition and their Relation to Jealousy
Abraham P. Buunk, Karlijn Massar, Pieternel Dijkstra, and Ana Maria Fernandez

Chapter 14 Synthetic Hormones: The Influence of Hormonal Contraceptives and Hormone Replacement Therapy on Aspects of Women's Mating Psychology
Amanda C. Hahn and Kelly D. Cobey

Chapter 15 The Endocrinology of Social Relationships and Affiliation
Christine Anderl, Shimon Saphire-Bernstein, and Frances S. Chen

Chapter 16 Hierarchy and Testosterone: How Can Testosterone Promote Upward Mobility in Status Hierarchies?
Shawn N. Geniole and Justin M. Carré

Chapter 17 Competition, Dominance, and Social Hierarchy
Kathleen V. Casto and Pranjal H. Mehta

Chapter 18 Oxytocin: An Evolutionary Framework
Nicholas M. Grebe and Steven W. Gangestad

Chapter 19 Social Bond Paradoxes
Lynea R. Witczak, Trenton C. Simmons, and Karen L. Bales

Chapter 20 Stress Hormones, Physiology, and Behavior
Justin K. Mogilski, Anna Wysocki, Simon D. Reeve, Virginia E. Mitchell, Jenna Lunge, and Lisa L.M. Welling

Chapter 21 Hormones, Circadian Rhythms, and Mental Health
Yasmine-Marie Cissé, Jeremy C. Borniger, and Randy J. Nelson

Chapter 22 Hormones and Major Depressive Disorder
Mark A. Ellenbogen, Virginia Tsekova, and Lisa Serravalle

Chapter 23 Sex Differences in Anxiety Disorders
Teresa A. Piggott, Alexandra N. Duran, Isha Jalnapurkar, Tyler Kimm, Stephanie Linscheid, and Melissa K. Allen

Chapter 24 Future Directions in Human Behavioral Endocrinology
Lisa L.M. Welling and Todd K. Shackelford
The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Endocrinology offers a comprehensive and compelling review of research in behavioral endocrinology from an evolutionary perspective on human psychology. Chapters, written by renowned experts on human behavior, explore a number of subtopics within one of three themes (1) development and survival, (2) reproductive behavior, and (3) social and affective behavior. Such topics include hormonal influences on life history strategy, mate choice, aggression, human hierarchical structure, and mood disorders.

This Handbook is situated at the intersection of evolutionary psychology and behavioral endocrinology. Its interdisciplinary approach makes it an important resource for a broad spectrum of researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates who are interested in studying the motivations and mechanisms that affect behavior.

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